ZeitGeist Nha Be Project is an official name for G – city Project, which was called GS Metrocity Nha Be. This Project is invested and developed by GS group- Korea. The project is developed into a new urban area with many different types of real estate, which is suitable for all types of customers from investors to residences.
The meaning of the project is expressed in the name ZeitGeist Apartment, which is “Consciousness of the times” or “Thoughts of the times”. The whole project planning is based on integrating miniature city tendencies. This project is guaranteeing to fulfill all your living needs and wants right on your doorsteps.


Overview of ZeitGeist Nha Be Project

Overview of ZeitGeist Nha Be Project

Overview of ZeitGeist Nha Be Project

Project name: ZeitGeist Nha Be Apartment
Location: Nguyen Huu Tho street, Phuoc Kien ward, Nha Be district, Ho Chi Minh City
Developer: single share-holder limited company developed GS Nha Be- GS Group, Korea
Project Scale : total area 349,36 hectare
Real estate types: ground land, ZeiGeist townhouse, ZeiGeist villa, shophouse
Legal: permanent ownership
Construction commence: in 2019
Expected Handover schedule: 1st Quarter / 2022
ZEITGEIST is organized into three major areas:

+A area: Linear urban area with a total size of 115.155 hectares
+ B area: The Center Peninsula and the urban Gateway City, with a combined size of 57.804 hectares.
+ C area: urban park in Park City with the size of 76.482 hectare.

The ZEITGEIST project’s functional areas:

+ Industrial zone: 34,438 hectares including educational, medical, commercial, financial, and other activities.
+Traffic land: 66,036 hectares
+ Green area: 39,460 hectares
+ Additional functional areas: 53,233 hectares

Strategic location of a megacity

The initial draw of the GS Metrocity Nha Be metropolitan region is its strategic placement in the heart of traffic.
The project along Nguyen Huu Tho Street in Nha Be district spans about 350 hectares and runs through two wards: Nhon Duc and Phuoc Kieng. The site is located at the southern area’s entrance, with easy access to transportation infrastructure. For instance, the Ben Luc – Long Thanh expressway, Metro line 4, the North-South highway, and Nguyen Van Linh street. As a result, residences will have easy access to surrounding regions for business, education, and entertainment.

• 15 to 20 minutes from the city center
• 10 minutes to Phu My Hung urban area
• 5 minutes to Hiep Phuoc Port urban area


Strategic location of a megacity

Strategic location of a megacity

Because it is bordered by rivers, a typical green area of the Southern river region, the zeitgeist XII Nha Be project inherits a natural biological feature, which provides a fresh and pleasant atmosphere.

GS Metrocity urban area project’s product design

⭐ Town house design:
▪ Area: 7x17m.
▪ Construction scale: 1 ground floor – 2 floors.

Town house design:

Town house design:

⭐ Shophouse design
▪ Area: 7x18m.
▪ Construction scale: 1 ground floor – 2 floors – 1 mezzanine – rooftop.


Shophouse design

Shophouse design

⭐ Duplex villa design
▪ Area: 160 m2.
▪ Construction scale: 1 ground – floor 2 floors.

Duplex villa design

Duplex villa design

Duplex villa design

⭐ Single villa design
▪ Construction scale: 1 ground floor – 2 floors.


Single villa design

Single villa design

Single villa design

Each subdivision is reasonably layout, interspersed with chains of internal utilities from institutes, medical facilities, parks and many other constructions.
Park area, shopping mall, international school, international hospital, walking path, GYM, food court, and BBQ garden.


Zeitgeist Project Sale Price

Currently, phase 1 of the project has been successfully launched and offered for sale, with an average price about 3,000 USD/m2.

🍀 Zeitgeist town house
From 9.6 to 10.4 billion VND
🍀 Zeitgeist Nha Be shophouse
From 12.8 to 14.8 billion VND
🍀 Zeitgeist City Duplex villa

From 11.8 to 14.9 billion VND
🍀 Zeit River County 1 Duplex villa (area: 200m2)
From 13.9 to 16.9 billion VND
🍀 Zeit city Nha Be Single villa (area: 250m2)
From 16.6 to 18.8 billion VND
🍀 GS Metro city Single villa (area: 300m2)
From 20 to 27 billion VND

Price including VAT
BIDV now enables financing up to 70% of the contract value when customers mortgage their own house in Zeitgeist project, or 85% with customers’ other properties.

Zeit River County 1 Project Model House

Project model: Zeit River County 1, Phase 1.1
Location: 88, B2 Street, An Loi Dong Ward, District 2
Working period: Monday- Friday (shift 1: 9 am -11 am, shift 2 13 pm – 15 pm, shift 3 15 pm – 17 pm)
For more information or book an appointment, please contact Sale consultant or Hotline 0909.477.288


Zeitgeist Nha Be Project method of paymentThe Payment period

The amount of payment (%) Payment date
Phase 1 : Deposit Agreement 10%( register fees including) Within 14 days after receiving sign announcement from Deposit Agreement
Phase 2 : Deposit Agreement 10%. Not later than October 2020
Phase 3: Purchase Agreement 10% Within 14 days after receiving sign announcement from Purchase Agreement. Expected date: 4th Quarter /2020
Phase 4: Purchase Agreement 10% Six month after phase 3
Phase 5: Purchase Agreement 10% Six month after phase 4
Phase 6: Handover 45% Within 14 days after receiving notification of handover. Expected date: 2nd Quarter /2022
Phase 7: Purchase Agreement 5% Within 14 days after receiving notification of making ownership certificate

Actual progress pictures


Phuoc Suu Realtor

0909 477 288 – 079 679 6789


















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